the wine check

Meet the ultimate wine accessory: Wine Check Luggage – The innovative, convenient, safe and economical wine bag.

Whether you’re purchasing wine on vacation or want to take some with you on a trip, Wine Check Luggage is the only trusted luggage to transport your liquid assets.

Each year, millions of travelers visit wineries all over the world. There isn’t a better way to discover new wines, but there has never been an easier and more cost effective way to bring wine home– until now.

The Wine Check is the result of a collaboration between former Napa and Sonoma county tour guide, Shawnda Hansen and wine enthusiast and entrepreneur, Todd French.

The Wine Check was designed to provide a safe, economical, and sensible solution to traveling with wine and ensuring it arrives safely to your destination. The Wine Check features two carry handles and wheels with a removable pull strap, making transportation to and from wineries and through airports a breeze.

The Wine Check protects wine bottles from impact and is also crush resistant (when used with a shipper box), keeping your bottles safe. It also maintains steady temperature and pressure levels, protecting the precious content in your bottles.

You can now bring multiple bottles of delicious, local goodness (wine, sparkling wines, cider, beer, spirits, olive oil) back home. The Wine Check fits wine bottles of various sizes and shapes.

Traveling with the collapsible, reusable Wine Check is the safest and cost-effective way to transport wine!