Protect your wine

Temperature change is hard on a bottle of wine. It wears the wine down.

Temperatures over 25 Celsius for a significant amount of time can permanently taint the flavor of wine. Above 27 Celsius you are starting to cook the wine-literally! Wine heat damage tastes unpleasantly sour …sort of like canned prunes. Heat can also compromise the seal of the bottle, leading to popped corks and oxidization problems. Your car (especially your trunk) can reach well above 50° Celsius on an average summer day.

Heat is a wine Killer!


We did an experiment last summer while wine touring in Naramata, BC. It was one of those glorious hot days where the temperature rose to the mid-thirties. We had a thermometer, a glass bottle of water in the car and a glass bottle of water in a wine check (using the pulp shipping kit). Before we left home both bottles were around 18 °C. The bottle with the star was in the Wine Check for the day. The bottle with the smiley face was in the car. 






The outside temperature rose to 35°C, the internal temperature of the car rose to 60°C.





At the end of our tour, the water in the bottle that had been kept in the Wine Check in the car measured 25°C and the water in the bottle that had remained in the car measured 33°C. Had the bottle that remained in the car been wine-we would have killed our wine!

Treat your wine like a basket of fresh berries or a quart of ice cream. Precious!

The Wine Check is insulated and will protect your wine while driving. Use the Wine Check to transport your wine from winery to winery and back home. If you need added protection on extra hot summer days add an ice blanket or pack to the Wine Check to prevent ‘cooking’.

Purchase a Wine Check today to protect your wine and prevent temperature damage!

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